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Quest Programming

Quest’s Grocery Programs are specific to the needs of our client communities, market operations and initiatives designed to deepen our impact and expand our reach. If you’re interested in learning more about our programs, please reach out, here.

If you would like to offer your support and make a financial donation to a specific program, please visit us here and select your program of choice. 

Market Appreciation Program: There is no Quest without our public-facing bricks-and-mortar grocery markets. Name anything to do with the day-to-day running and operations of our Non-Profit Grocery Markets, that’s what falls under our Market Appreciation Program and where your funding goes when you choose to give to it. From our Client Appreciation events which include the distribution of market gift cards to grocery product shelving, displays, coolers, freezers and general market equipment, this program keeps the lights working, our markets welcoming, and our grocery spaces beautiful! Critical to our model and mission is the ability to move, store and distribute food from warehouse, to market coolers to client shopping carts. Attention, strategy and funding dedicated to this program ensures our client’s grocery needs are met on a daily basis.

Repack Program: Through Quest’s unique Repack Program, and with the help of our volunteers, Quest does what no other food rescue organization can do at scale: take bulk food donations and rework them into smaller retail packages. From lentils to fresh baked goods and animal protein, Quest is able to work with large food donations in a quick and efficient way, ensuring our clients find the food that matches their lifestyle and nutritional needs while providing agency to pick and choose. A healthier life and access to nutritious food starts with the ability to purchase groceries that are fresh and right-sized for our clients and their families.

Fresher-By-The-Day Program: We work to establish partnerships with grocery retailers, farm producers and food distributors through both donation and product purchasing agreements using the funds we raise as a non-profit organization. First established in 2022, Quest’s Fresher-By-The-Day program strikes the balance between food donations and food purchasing, ensuring we have a healthy and culturally aligned mix of food and grocery products our clients want and need. Our current focus is on dairy products and animal proteins.

Food Access & Referral Modernization: This time-sensitive and timeline-focused program is all about modernizing Quest’s methods of client referral and partner outreach. Technical in nature, this two-year project will ensure Quest supports a low-barrier referral process allowing community referring partners to direct individuals and families who identify as food-insecure to Quest. We need to build better tools and means of collecting client information and ensuring they, in turn, have the access they need and want to our grocery markets. This project includes a new website and database development and management. These are the projects that help advance access and equity in our organization.

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