Donate Food to Quest

Healthy food repackaged for sale in our grocery markets.
Healthy food repackaged for sale in our grocery markets.

Every day, thousands of pounds of good quality food goes to waste, simply because it is part of a surplus that cannot be sold, or because it is oddly sized, blemished, nearing its expiry date, or because the packaging is slightly damaged. For example, if a flat of canned goods is damaged in shipping, it may be cheaper for a grocer to dispose of the entire flat, instead of paying someone to sort out the dented tins.

As a local food supplier, by donating to Quest, you will:

  • Receive a tax deductible receipt for the fair market value of usable items
  • Save on costs associated with the removal/disposal of excess foods
  • Become an active community partner

Do you know someone who could benefit from donating to Quest? Please download our food supplier flyer and pass it along. Thank you for your support!

To schedule your next food donation, please contact our Food Acquisition Specialist, Lena Hozaima, at 778-877-9847.