2017: The Impact of our Partnership

2017: The Impact of Our Partnership

  • 245,105 client visits registered at Quest’s Not-for-Profit Grocery Markets
  • Over $8,273,000 in food donations received from tremendously supportive food suppliers
  • Approximately 933 tonnes of quality surplus food and products were diverted from landfill sites
  • 250 school children in five inner city schools in the Lower Mainland were provided with healthy snacks during the school year
  • Approximately 46 tonnes of greenhouse gas equivalents prevented from entering our atmosphere
  • Volunteers generously donated over 10,544 hours to Quest operations
  • 1077 families enjoyed a wonderful holiday meal thanks to YVR’s sponsored annual hamper drive

A quote from a Quest client sums up the impact of our partnership in 2017:

“When I first started coming here I felt some shame because I was being offered something- a gift per say- and this felt out of my comfort zone. Very quickly I relaxed and realized that Quest is an amazing resource that has helped me eat healthy every day!”  Lana

2017 Partnership Impact Final

Holiday Hamper Drive

The YVR Holiday Hamper Drive is underway! This is the 7th annual hamper drive with proceeds going directly Quest clients.

Check out the list of items to be included in the hampers and then drop it off at YVR on Thursday December 7th, 2017 between 11am and 3pm at The Spirit of Haida Gwaii: The Jade Canoe (International Departures). For more information visit www.yvr.ca/hamperdrive

Thank you for your support and helping us to provide hampers for families this holiday season!


North Shore Mayors’ Golf Tournament Donation

The three North Shore Mayors, Darrell Mussatto, Michael Smith and Richard Walton, present a $50,000 cheque to our Executive Director, Elizabeth Lewis.

We are grateful to have been selected as one of the designated charities at the 2017 North Shore Mayors’ Golf Tournament. Each year the North Shore Community Foundation and West Vancouver Community Foundation donate the first $50,000 raised to a worthwhile North Shore organization. This year, in honour of their 10th annual golf tournament, they selected two charities and donated $100,000! The $50,000 we received for our North Shore Distribution Centre will significantly increase our food redistribution capacity.



Find us at 167 East 1st Street.  The main entrance is via the laneway.  Tel: 604-566-0110. Operating hours: Monday-Saturday 9AM-4:15PM. 

Great news for our Quest Food Exchange clients and partners, our new Grocery Market location in North Vancouver opened on January 30th!

This is our fifth location and will provide a dignified shopping experience.  Like our other Not-For-Profit Grocery Markets, a variety of fresh, frozen, and non-perishables are available at a significantly reduced cost.


What a wrap! For less than $5, Quest offers organic tortillas, a pound of beans, 3 mangoes, 4 cucumbers, potatoes, lettuce, and green onions!
For less than $5, you can pick up organic tortillas, a pound of beans, 3 mangoes, 4 cucumbers, 4 bell peppers, potatoes, lettuce, and green onions!


Shopping clients:
Quest staff member, Kelly, assists Quest client Laura, as she picked up more than she may have bargained for!
Quest staff member, Kelly, assists Quest client, Laura, as she picked up more than what she may have bargained for!

If you are an individual or family member on income assistance, are underemployed, receiving a pension, or qualify as low-income, we are here to help. The process of becoming a Quest client is simple:

  1. Approach your caseworker, school counsellor, medical clinic, community resource, or one of Quest’s partnered agencies and ask them to complete a Client Referral Form on your behalf.
  2. You may then attend our market location, present identification and obtain your card, which is valid for three years. You may also shop at any of our grocery markets.

Not sure if you qualify or have any questions? Contact 604-602-0186 Ext: 109.


Community Resource Partners:
Sue Irwin and Catherine Janusz of 'the North Shore Community Resources Society' were on site to find what Quest has to offer. Mission accomplished! The NSCR partners with over 600 agencies in North Vancouver!
Sue Irwin and Christine Mann of ‘the North Shore Community Resources Society‘ were on site to find what Quest has to offer. Mission accomplished! The NSCR partners with over 600 agencies in North Vancouver and can assist you in obtaining a letter of referral !

Empower your clients with a dignified and affordable means of accessing food. Operating since 1989, Quest helps thousands of individuals each month in providing for themselves and their families across the lower mainland:

“Quest’s model allows dignified access to a variety of affordable, healthy foods to individuals facing food security challenges. Quest has successfully operated and grown in a number of other Lower Mainland communities for years. North Shore agencies have been referring clients to Quest in East Vancouver for several years now, and a centre on the North Shore makes good sense

     -Lynne Henshaw, North Shore Homelessness Taskforce. 

To schedule a tour or learn more about Quest, please email ssugrim@questoutreach.org or call  604-602-0186 Ext: 109

Donors, sponsors, and volunteers:

If you are a food provider or community development organization that is interested in supporting Quest, contact our Marketing Supervisor at 604-999-2247 and learn how we can help you to support the community and of the benefits to your organization. Your support means so much to many like Allison: