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Quest manages to do it all.

Redirect food that might otherwise end up in the landfill to low income clients, and at very affordable prices. Healthy food recipes and classes are there to inspire. Produce that can't be used is composted (except for the apples and lettuce that is passed on to animal rescue). Plastic, paper and glass is recycled. It is wonderful to see a company that is committed to environmentally sound practices. All this and then the support given to volunteers, who can gain experience and confidence in a variety of skills. A great organization I'm happy to part of.

Vancouver, BC

My time at Quest

was one of the best-quality learning experiences I’ve had the opportunity to embark on. As an almost graduated Administrative Assistant student from Vancouver Community College, I was lucky enough to complete my 10 day practicum by volunteering at Quest’s upstairs office.

My time at Quest was nothing like I had anticipated, having been slightly unsure of what Quest really represented, it was exciting to uncover the true spirit of Quest. I had the wonderful task of organizing the testimonials written by, volunteers, clients and food suppliers, and after reading multiple testimonials I was completely blown away by the amount of appreciation and love that was written by those who were touched by Quest’s helping hand.

Emily Flett
VCC Student

On behalf of Oppenheimer Park,

I would like to send out a very warm hearted thank you for your kind donation of food that is being used on our Tuesday Soup program. Oppenheimer Park has always had a very small operations budget and with recent budget cuts the staff is finding it harder and harder to keep some of the programs running. The Tuesday soup programming is a program that we feel is very important to our community and is committed on doing what we can to make sure that it keeps running. Your kind donations have been very beneficial in the success of the program.

Oppenheimer Park, Community Activity Coordinator

The Quest Food Exchange program is

a unique and inspiring local initiative that Whistler Water is proud to help support.  Healthy food and hydration are essential to the well-bring of our communities.  Our hope is that by working alongside Quest, Whistler Water can play a positive role in assisting more individuals on the road to a future of self-sufficiency, healthy lifestyles and increasing positivity.

Sarah Lusk, Communications Manager
Whistler Water

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