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Quest is a place that many

people I know come to because it is so affordable. It's a place where many come who could not eat or buy food if it was not here. It has fed us on many occasions when other wise we could not afford it.

L. Hall
Vancouver, BC

The Quest Food Exchange program is

a unique and inspiring local initiative that Whistler Water is proud to help support.  Healthy food and hydration are essential to the well-bring of our communities.  Our hope is that by working alongside Quest, Whistler Water can play a positive role in assisting more individuals on the road to a future of self-sufficiency, healthy lifestyles and increasing positivity.

Sarah Lusk, Communications Manager
Whistler Water

Quest Foods is a very valuable resource

for our school community. We have many families who, due to a number of financial difficulties are unable to
provide for their families in a consistent and predictable way. Quest Foods offers these families a convenient and very accessible resource with which to purchase groceries. It is an empowering resource.

Lois Layton, Principal
Mary Jane Shannon School

I enjoy volunteering at Quest.

People there are kind and welcoming. As a volunteer, I have participated in the kitchen, doing cleanup, reorganization of the office as well as referral updates and data entry. I have learned a lot of office skills on the job and met many interesting people. It's great to be contributing in a positive way to the environment and helping financially-challenged people in the city access affordable food.

Vancouver, BC

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