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I no longer have to get extremely anxious

waiting in line at the food bank every week. I received mostly the same items every time which were unhealthy and caused weight gain. Shopping at Quest gives me the ability to choose the items I want to eat. I actually enjoy eating again! I have loads of organic foods to choose from. The organic milk is awesome! I can now have my family over and serve them something delicious to eat while enjoying their company. I never had them to my place before Quest, so in essence, my family has been brought together again by shopping here! I now shop with dignity and I’m very happy!

Burnaby, BC

I really enjoy the gluten-free

products.the soy and almond milk and the produce.


For the last few months

we have been sending some of our members over to shop at Quest. The feedback has been incredibly positive. So nice for folks to have choice and shop for themselves in a supportive environment instead of standing in line at the food bank. Also, great that all that food is not being wasted. Great work!

Lee Ann
BCCCS (BC Compassion Club)

It's nice to know that

when funds are really low, there is some place that cares about members of the community MORE than they care about prestige or profit. Thanks Quest! I haven't had to use you more than a few times, but when I did, I was so thankful. I try not to go there if I don't need to, so that others with greater needs can get what they need, when they need it.,

Vancouver, BC

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