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On behalf of Oppenheimer Park,

I would like to send out a very warm hearted thank you for your kind donation of food that is being used on our Tuesday Soup program. Oppenheimer Park has always had a very small operations budget and with recent budget cuts the staff is finding it harder and harder to keep some of the programs running. The Tuesday soup programming is a program that we feel is very important to our community and is committed on doing what we can to make sure that it keeps running. Your kind donations have been very beneficial in the success of the program.

Oppenheimer Park, Community Activity Coordinator

I no longer have to get extremely anxious

waiting in line at the food bank every week. I received mostly the same items every time which were unhealthy and caused weight gain. Shopping at Quest gives me the ability to choose the items I want to eat. I actually enjoy eating again! I have loads of organic foods to choose from. The organic milk is awesome! I can now have my family over and serve them something delicious to eat while enjoying their company. I never had them to my place before Quest, so in essence, my family has been brought together again by shopping here! I now shop with dignity and I’m very happy!

Burnaby, BC

You Guys and Gals at Quest "ROCK.”

I recommend you to everybody that needs the extra hand in life to live a well balanced life of staying off drugs/alcohol and to eat a well balanced meal. Quest also lets me and others be independent and lets me spend my money more wisely on food that otherwise have brought my self esteem down at other grocery stores where the prices are extremely high and especially when im being supported by the Ministry of Social Development. Thanks sooo much for your support and being helpful to the environment.

New Westminster, BC

Quest Food Exchange has proven to be

an excellent community partner for Fresh Direct Produce. Quest’s mission to “Reduce Hunger with Dignity” is in complete alignment with our company’s FRESH values (Focus, Relationship, Enthusiasm, Sincerity, and High standards). Their network of social service partners ensures optimal use of our produce, with the most positive impact to the community. We are proud to be an integral part of Quest and their support with the people within the Lower Mainland.

Albert Lum, Director of Sales
Fresh Direct Produce Ltd

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