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You Guys and Gals at Quest "ROCK.”

I recommend you to everybody that needs the extra hand in life to live a well balanced life of staying off drugs/alcohol and to eat a well balanced meal. Quest also lets me and others be independent and lets me spend my money more wisely on food that otherwise have brought my self esteem down at other grocery stores where the prices are extremely high and especially when im being supported by the Ministry of Social Development. Thanks sooo much for your support and being helpful to the environment.

New Westminster, BC

My time at Quest

was one of the best-quality learning experiences I’ve had the opportunity to embark on. As an almost graduated Administrative Assistant student from Vancouver Community College, I was lucky enough to complete my 10 day practicum by volunteering at Quest’s upstairs office.

My time at Quest was nothing like I had anticipated, having been slightly unsure of what Quest really represented, it was exciting to uncover the true spirit of Quest. I had the wonderful task of organizing the testimonials written by, volunteers, clients and food suppliers, and after reading multiple testimonials I was completely blown away by the amount of appreciation and love that was written by those who were touched by Quest’s helping hand.

Emily Flett
VCC Student

Thank you so much for the Vegan

selection, without you guys I'd starve, as I was raised to eat this way, and definitely won't compromise - can't really. Also, the organics are very important to my diet.


It's nice to know that

when funds are really low, there is some place that cares about members of the community MORE than they care about prestige or profit. Thanks Quest! I haven't had to use you more than a few times, but when I did, I was so thankful. I try not to go there if I don't need to, so that others with greater needs can get what they need, when they need it.,

Vancouver, BC

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