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Quest Foods is a very valuable resource

for our school community. We have many families who, due to a number of financial difficulties are unable to
provide for their families in a consistent and predictable way. Quest Foods offers these families a convenient and very accessible resource with which to purchase groceries. It is an empowering resource.

Lois Layton, Principal
Mary Jane Shannon School

This is so great for all individuals!

A sense of healing and satisfaction through equality. It's a great shopping experience. Thank you!

Vancouver, BC

You Guys and Gals at Quest "ROCK.”

I recommend you to everybody that needs the extra hand in life to live a well balanced life of staying off drugs/alcohol and to eat a well balanced meal. Quest also lets me and others be independent and lets me spend my money more wisely on food that otherwise have brought my self esteem down at other grocery stores where the prices are extremely high and especially when im being supported by the Ministry of Social Development. Thanks sooo much for your support and being helpful to the environment.

New Westminster, BC

For over 10 years,

Quest Outreach Society has been a community partner of Small Potatoes Urban Delivery (spud!). spud! is an online home grocer where customers place their order at www.spud.ca and have fresh organic and all-natural groceries delivered to their home or office.

Quest is a vital part of our business model because they are able to effectively help us redistribute our surplus food items, approx. 50 tons of food waste per year, to those in need.

Unlike food banks, Quest has the capacity to provide pick-up service and is able to visit our warehouse on a weekly basis to collect our surplus items including perishable foods such as milk, bread and produce.

Our ongoing partnership with Quest helps us demonstrate to our customers that we are reducing our food waste as much as possible and that we're providing support to disadvantaged individuals in our community. As an added bonus, our business also receives an tax-donation for the value of our items.

Lesley, Marketing & Communications Supervisor

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