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This is so great for all individuals!

A sense of healing and satisfaction through equality. It's a great shopping experience. Thank you!

Vancouver, BC

I'm very fortunate to be able

to get groceries at Quest. The staff are always friendly. As a person on disability I visit Quest almost daily. Quest helped to ease the burden of living on a tight budget.


Quest Food Exchange has proven to be

an excellent community partner for Fresh Direct Produce. Quest’s mission to “Reduce Hunger with Dignity” is in complete alignment with our company’s FRESH values (Focus, Relationship, Enthusiasm, Sincerity, and High standards). Their network of social service partners ensures optimal use of our produce, with the most positive impact to the community. We are proud to be an integral part of Quest and their support with the people within the Lower Mainland.

Albert Lum, Director of Sales
Fresh Direct Produce Ltd

On behalf of Oppenheimer Park,

I would like to send out a very warm hearted thank you for your kind donation of food that is being used on our Tuesday Soup program. Oppenheimer Park has always had a very small operations budget and with recent budget cuts the staff is finding it harder and harder to keep some of the programs running. The Tuesday soup programming is a program that we feel is very important to our community and is committed on doing what we can to make sure that it keeps running. Your kind donations have been very beneficial in the success of the program.

Oppenheimer Park, Community Activity Coordinator

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