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For the last few months

we have been sending some of our members over to shop at Quest. The feedback has been incredibly positive. So nice for folks to have choice and shop for themselves in a supportive environment instead of standing in line at the food bank. Also, great that all that food is not being wasted. Great work!

Lee Ann
BCCCS (BC Compassion Club)

The Quest Food Exchange program is

a unique and inspiring local initiative that Whistler Water is proud to help support.  Healthy food and hydration are essential to the well-bring of our communities.  Our hope is that by working alongside Quest, Whistler Water can play a positive role in assisting more individuals on the road to a future of self-sufficiency, healthy lifestyles and increasing positivity.

Sarah Lusk, Communications Manager
Whistler Water

Vancouver Airport Authority first partnered with Quest

as an employee-driven challenge to find new ways that reduce waste and improve Vancouver International Airport’s (YVR) impact on the environment. The partnership also provides employee engagement activities and campaigns that help support Quest’s goals to offer access to and a choice of affordable, healthy food for those in need.

Vancouver Airport Authority is a community-based, not-for-profit organization that operates Vancouver International Airport (YVR). YVR is Canada's second busiest airport and the Airport Authority is committed to creating an airport that British Columbia can be proud of: a premier global gateway, local economic generator and community contributor.

Brenda Longland, Marketing Manager
Vancouver Airport Authority

As a volunteer leader

of our day today I found this to be an excellent community service learning opportunity. The youth were informed, motivated and interested to learn of the good work that Quest does. Many of them expressed that they would come back and volunteer again. Thanks for helping us to have a Spring Break learning opportunity that all can benefit from.

Stacy Youth Volunteer Group

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