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You Guys and Gals at Quest "ROCK.”

I recommend you to everybody that needs the extra hand in life to live a well balanced life of staying off drugs/alcohol and to eat a well balanced meal. Quest also lets me and others be independent and lets me spend my money more wisely on food that otherwise have brought my self esteem down at other grocery stores where the prices are extremely high and especially when im being supported by the Ministry of Social Development. Thanks sooo much for your support and being helpful to the environment.

New Westminster, BC

I really enjoy the gluten-free

products.the soy and almond milk and the produce.


I enjoy volunteering at Quest.

People there are kind and welcoming. As a volunteer, I have participated in the kitchen, doing cleanup, reorganization of the office as well as referral updates and data entry. I have learned a lot of office skills on the job and met many interesting people. It's great to be contributing in a positive way to the environment and helping financially-challenged people in the city access affordable food.

Vancouver, BC

This is so great for all individuals!

A sense of healing and satisfaction through equality. It's a great shopping experience. Thank you!

Vancouver, BC

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