I’m on social assistance, am I eligible to be a Quest client?

Yes. You can get a referral from the Ministry of Housing and Social Development, or consult our map of partnered social service agencies for the closest one to you.

How can I become a client, if I’m not on social assistance?

You need a referral from one of our partnered social service agencies. You can view a  map of our social service agency partners here. Alternatively, if you have a relationship with a local church, school, medical practitioner, or social service agency, you can approach them for a referral.

I have a referral from a social service agency. What now?

Bring your completed client referral form in to any one of our market locations, present identification, and obtain your card. Please DO NOT have your form faxed in to Quest.

How long is a client card valid for?

Your client card is valid for three years from the date of issue. Once it expires, you will need a new referral.

Which location can I shop at?

Once you have a client card, you are able to shop at any of our four locations.